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Current Records:
Baylor (16-2)
Oklahoma (13-5)
Iowa St (9-9)
Okla St (9-9)
TCU (9-9)
Texas (9-9)
Kansas St (7-11)
W Virginia (7-11)
Kansas (6-12)
Texas Tech (5-13)
January 3-4
January 6-7
January 10-11
January 13-14
January 17
January 19-21
January 24-25
January 27-29
Jan 31-Feb 1
February 4
February 7
February 10-11
February 14-15
February 16-18
February 21
February 24-25
Feb 28-Mar 1
March 2-3

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Draw Order
 Teams with ties that must be broken by draw will be drawn in the order listed below.
 If you list a team twice, the first time it is listed will be its draw position.
 Any teams omitted will be last, with all unlisted teams drawn in default order.

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